Having fun with Sea Life Sensory

I am currently sitting in the office listening to the Yoto Player while my boys are at nursery. Really enjoying my work. So I am thinking which is the best theme of the blog this week. Why not do this blog on something that my boys enjoyed a lot and what has been released this week. Sensory kits are so fun and educational. Children learn best when they are having fun. We released the farm and sea life sensory kit this week. Both have had fantastic feedback. But I like the boys to witness first hand the play that the sensory world can offer too. This week they played with the Sea Life sensory kit. T enjoyed using the magnifying glass to look closer at the Sea Animals and R loved using the cup and barrel to scoop and pour the sand and sensory rice. When I asked boys did you enjoy it, with smiles, they said, "YES!". Sensory kits can help develop all the 5 senses, particularly feel and sight for the ones we have created. But they also develop gross and fine motor skills.