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7in1 sand toys

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Our 7in1 Sand Toys is a complete set of selected sand toys  for digging, shaping, seven, rake and transportation in handbag format.

1) foldable 3 liter bucket in red
2) red sieve with 22cm diameter
3) large, yellow, approx. 20cm long shovel
4) large, red approx. 20cm long arithmetic
5) ice portioner in orange
6) pink ice bag with 5-6cm diameter
7 ) Blue ice cream bag with 5-6cm diameter

The design is adapted to the ergonomics of small children's hands and guarantees a lot of joy.

The products are made of high quality, stable plastic. We have selected particularly pure, toy -safe plastics. The materials are free of any pollutants such as plasticizers (BPA), but our product is still elastic and durable.

We guarantee the highest quality for our products and these were of course tested and approved according to the toy standard DIN EN 71.

The set has a diameter of approx. 22 cm in the composite state and is 8-9cm high. If you want, you can store other accessories, such as a second ice toy set. The respective item description can be found in the respective accessory.