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Happy Architect Animals in their Habitat

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This brightly coloured, illustrated set is perfect for open-ended imaginative play. Happy Architect Animals in Their Habitat include sea, pet shop, farm, wild and arctic scenes showing the different ways animals live both in the wild and on domestic settings.

A unique construction toy, this generous set contains 30 pieces that come together to create five different environments. These include an ice-capped polar scene, the Asian jungle, an underwater wonderland, a classic farmyard and pet shop, along with many chunky wooden animals that will bring each scene to life.

Teach young learners about the dynamics of each environment and encourage open-ended creativity by putting the cow in the pet shop or the whale in the jungle and asking what is wrong and watch as they come up with an answer based on the sheer logic in their young minds.

All pieces are compatible with other sets in the Happy Architect range, and can also be used as a valuable asset to add up to hours of play with other collections from other brands to complete any early years small world setting.

• Includes 30 play pieces with different animal habitats complete with the figures to populate them.
• Pieces compatible with all sets in the Happy Architect series.
• 1-year warranty
• Dimensions: 310mm(H)
• Suitable for children 24 months to 2 years of age. 2 years +