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Follow the upbeat and hair-raising adventures of Poppy, Branch and the rest of the residents of Troll Village as they keep the party going in their forest. An uplifting tale full of music and heart, Trolls are tiny creatures living their best lives, as they sing, dance and hug all day long.

All content has been recorded exclusively for tonies® and is based on the exciting new TV series, Trolls: The Beat Goes On!


List of titles

01 - SONG- To Trollstopia

02 - Poppy's Big Day

03 - SONG- Home (Only Better)

04 - Out of Branch's Bunker

05 - SONG- Living in Harmony

06 - Sound of Spring

07 - SONG- Leaves, Leaves, Leaves

08 - SONG- Coming For Ya

09 - Pet Problems

10 - SONG- Bring It In

11 - Everything that Glitters is Guy

12 - SONG- Chasing You

13 - SONG- Get Close

14 - Drop The Beat

15 - SONG- Best Day Ever